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  • Custom Personalization of Glassware, Boards, Wood, Stone, Vinyl, etc
  • Gifts
  • Special Events
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Express and share what makes you happy through our custom personalized designs!

We specialize in aviation designs!

Your go-to custom personalization service.

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what we do....

Custom glass etching, laser engraving and vinyl cutting.

  • We consult with you to create the design that you love!
  • Aviation! Your plane, N-number, name, or airport on glassware, wood, or granite. The options are up to you!
  • Special event? Let us help you celebrate with custom glassware, cutlery, boards, gifts, etc.!
  • Custom designed vinyl applications. Examples: mailbox, car window, plane, hangar, whatever!

Glass Examples...

Wood Examples...

Metal & Stone Examples...

Vinyl Examples...

Design Costs

Specific Costs are Determined at the Time of the Design.

  • We consult with you to create the design that you desire. Send us an email or gives us a call. We love to talk about what we do!
  • Simple design: stock designs and simple rendering is included in total cost. Includes up to 3 lines of text.
  • Complex design: rendering which requires > 20 minutes artist time) costs $35.00.
  • After we discuss your desired design, the design will be determined to be simple or complex prior to your order submission.

Glassware Etching Costs

  • Your glassware: $10.00 per glass for etching. Bulk orders of greater than 8 will be given a discount.
  • Our glassware: $15.00 per glass for etching our non-specialty glassware; stemless wine, stemmed wine, DOF, pint, etc.
  • Specialty glassware requests: you can provide or we will provide. Glassware that costs more than $4.00 per stem will be reflected in your order quote.

Wood Engraving Costs

  • $10.00 for 3" x 5" design. $15.00 for 5" x 7" design. $20.00 for 8" x 10" design. Greater than 8" x 10" will depend on the burn time required.
  • Our woodenware: see below for current woodenware items available. (or you may provide your own)
  • Specialty item pricing is specific to the item and its ability to be engraved. Such as wooden spoons, tongs, spoon rest, paperweight, box, etc.

Vinyl Cutting

  • Adhesive vinyl, permanent adhesive, exterior use.
  • $5.00 – up to a 6x6 design
  • $10.00 – 6x6 to 12 x 12 design

Metal and Slate Engraving Costs

  • Item cost is specific to item chosen
  • $10.00 per item for engraving of simple design.
  • $5.00 - $35.00 cost for complex design rendering

Have a Deisgn Idea? Reach out! We'd love to chat.

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Your Item or Ours?

We keep a few items on hand:

  • Glass stemless wine glassware
  • Glass stemmed wine glassware
  • Glass pint glassware
  • Wood cutting Boards

At times, we have other items on hand that leftover from bulk orders:

  • Slate coasters
  • Stainless tumblers
  • Event items such as tags, name cards, sporks, tongs

Once you decide what you would like to order, we can obtain your item for you,. Or you can provide your item for engraving. We will help guide you to the item that will provide the best medium for engraving.

Questions? Contact us. We'd love to chat!

about us

We are Ralph and Sandy Lowe! We met when Sandy landed her amphib M-Sqaured floatplane and needed a little help getting it back into the hangar. Ralph came to the rescue and the good times haven't stopped since! Now Sandy's M-Squared hangs out in the same hangar as Ralph's Cessna! We live in Magnolia Springs, Alabama on a residential airpark with a grass runway. Aviation neighbors, wide open spaces, and amazing sunsets!

We love every aspect of aviation... flying, building, maintenance, repair, rib stitching, fabric covering, composite, and on and on. Most of all, we love our aviation family (which are friend that have become near to our heart)!

We hope that we can help you enjoy your love of aviation, share your love of aviation, and enhance your connection to your aviation family! Not into aviation? Let us help you spread some happiness!

John 15:12

Flying Lowe, LLC

Post Office Box 602

Magnolia Springs, AL 36555

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Interested? Reach out to us and let us know your interest!

We'd love to talk about what we can do for you!